Thinking Smaller with LearnZillion Pro

LearnZillion had a dilemma when it started selling core curriculum. Our mission was to serve all schools and districts, regardless of their size or budget, with high-quality curricula on a fully-integrated digital platform, but our capacity was limited. Being new and small meant that, at first, we could only serve medium and large districts, leaving out many districts and schools.

Enter LearnZillion Pro.

Designed for schools and districts with as few as 100 students, LearnZillion Pro provides the same high-quality curricula, digital platform, and LMS and SIS integration as the successful LearnZillion Enterprise product, but with a purchasing process and product offering designed for smaller districts and schools.

The platform’s comprehensive curricula and built-in supports empower teachers to focus on meeting the needs of all their students. Prep time is significantly reduced, saving teachers an average of 45 minutes per day that they can then reinvest in their students.

As LearnZillion CEO Eric Westendorf sees it, "our goal is to support districts and schools throughout the country with the implementation of high quality curriculum. Now, with LearnZillion Pro, we're able to do that."

Charter schools in their earliest stages, private schools excluded from district-wide curriculum decisions, and smaller-budget schools and districts were all in need of high quality curricula on a usable digital platform. We researched how those potential customers would evaluate curricula, how many students they would be able to purchase for, and what their unique challenges are. LearnZillion Pro was then thoughtfully designed to work for schools and districts under the 3,000+ student threshold that Enterprise requires.

The response from customers?

“Lots of orders, immediately,” says Anthony Sledge, LearnZillion Marketing Specialist. “We knew there was a need to get this combination of curricula and platform to the market, but we were surprised at how many people were willing to make the buying decision so quickly and autonomously.”

Westendorf, again: "Smaller districts and schools are able to move quickly. They know what they want and are able to reach out and say, 'we want to partner with you; when can we get going?!' This tells me that there's pent-up demand to support these small districts and schools. LearnZillion Pro helps meet that demand."

Small districts and schools can be agile. The fewer barriers and less politics inherent to them make the decision process swifter than that of the larger LearnZillion buyers. Sledge has observed that, just like more populous schools, “small schools love the curriculum, they love that we’re a good partner with Illustrative Mathematics and EL Education. They like the way we’ve organized it all to help them find what they need, so they’re not just prepping for the day, but for the entire week.”

"It's been exciting to see the snowballing interest in high-quality curriculum from small districts and schools,” says Westendorf. “More and more districts are recognizing that high-quality curriculum is critical to meeting the needs of their students."

Once LearnZillion Pro customers are plugged in with the platform, they’re able to implement at the same scale as a large school…perhaps even more quickly!

Discover how LearnZillion Pro stacks up to LearnZillion Enterprise, and connect with us to put high-quality curriculum into your classrooms, no matter what size they are.

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