Introducing the 2017 Dream Team


The national LearnZillion Dream Team is a group of educators who have created high-quality educational materials and helped bring valuable professional development to districts all over the country. Over the past seven years, we’ve selected and worked with top educators from across the country through our Dream Team program. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the 2017 Dream Team cohort!

2017 Dream Team Ambassadors

Dream Team Ambassadors share their LearnZillion stories of impact through collateral, case studies, and virtual and in-person events nationwide.

Connie Apps Alison Childers Nicki James Tom Redmon
Bootsie Battle-Holt  Stephanie Diehl Steve Lebel Mary Kay Rendock
Lisa Billings Malia Dunn Lisa Mancini Jeremy Thompson
Stefanie Bordeaux Lisa Eller Jaimee Massie Dottie Tingen
Maggie Brady Ali Giska Allison Moschetti Rebecca Williams
Shannon Cadden Michelle Greene Sean Nank Stacie Zdrojewski
Leslie Ceballos Cory Haley Helen Papadopoulos  
“It’s really nice, in the role as an Ambassador, being able to meet up [with other Ambassadors] ... I’ve given presentations individually and collaboratively before and whenever you get together with somebody for presentations it’s always better in the end because you have two or three minds working together instead of one.” - Sean Nank, Dream Team ‘13, ‘14, ‘15, ‘16, ‘17

2017 Dream Content Creators

Dream Team Content Creators help LearnZillion create high-quality instructional materials that support students and teachers across districts.

Mark Anderson Alison Childers Amanda Haskell Erin Maass Amanda Riske
Connie Apps Liza Cope Alex Haynes Lisa Mancini CeCe Robinson
Shawn Avery Carol DeFreese Whitney Haynes Megan Maples Rachel Saunders
Tina Avis Christina Dillon Linda Heafey Georgie Marley Anna Scholl
Ginny Baldwin Liz Domingue Erin Hefferin Carol Marsiglio Jaclyn Scott
Jessica Balli Noah Dougherty Stephanie Hurley Kathleen McCormack Cheryl Shay
Kelly Boles Lisa Ernsberger Staci Intrilligator Erin McDonough Gabr'l Stackhouse
Lizzie Brady Samantha Fales Deanna Jergenson Jessica Medeiros Alice Stewart
Mariam Brunner Jessica Finley Jennifer Kim Darra Meder Jeremy Thompson
Katie Busbey Anne Ford Amanda Knipper Catherine Nam Kaneka Turner
Endeara Campbell Katie French Val Krauser Sean Nank Meka Wilhoit
Michelle Cantin Marta Garcia Steve Lebel Connie Parham Rebecca Williams
Molly Caroland Lori Grannis Valerie Librizzi Dana Patton Brooke Workman
Leslie Ceballos Katie Hammack Jenn Lloyd  Dana Pierfelice Stacie Zdrojewksi
“You get the opportunity to work collaboratively to meet the needs of kids that you haven’t even met yet. Which is really cool to think about because my work ... is now seen by tons of people. And all those people who helped me to create it, helped me become better [as an educator].” - Connie Apps, Dream Team ‘15, ‘16, ‘17

2017 Dream Coaches and Facilitators

Dream Team Coaches and Facilitators support teaching and learning with LearnZillion’s district and state partners across the country.

Connie Apps Malia Dunn  Lori Harrison Carol Marsiglio Leigh Pourciau Topp
Ginny Baldwin Elizabeth Ellis Sharlee Hatch Jaimee Massie Tom Redmon
Lisa Billings Lisa Ernsberger Nicki James  Erin McDonough Susan Serenari
Maggie Brady Anne Ford Stephanie Landis Ashley Mclauchlan Reid Shepard
Shannon Cadden Erin Gaston Kim Lewis Allison Moschetti Sarah Smith
Leslie Ceballos Ali Giska Chelsea Mabie Sean Nank Dottie Tingen
Caroline Courter Alexis Goodly Lisa Mancini  Kathy Panus-Baich Cathy Viquerat
Bill Day Cory Haley Megan Maples Connie Parham Meka Wilhoit
        Stacie Zdrojewski 
“My favorite aspect of coaching is that when I go out as a coach, I learn so much … Now that I’ve had experience with LearnZillion, I’m seeing how I can scale my impact by being an instructional leader.” - Stacie Zdrojewski, Dream Team ‘15, ‘16, ‘17

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