Differentiating with LearnZillion

It’s 8 p.m. on a Sunday night: do you know where your differentiated lessons are?

Almost every teacher has felt that Sunday night stress at some point. I know what I’m going to teach tomorrow, but will it meet the needs of my students? Do I have the right material to address each of their pain points? How do I know if the materials I’m pulling together are high-quality?

No one resource can solve the Sunday Night Problem, but LearnZillion’s high-quality, easy-to-use math and ELA curricula  <https://learnzillion.com/landing> can certainly help.

We chatted with Maggie Brady and Stacie Zdrojewski, both teachers at Richey Elementary in Wilmington, Delaware, to learn more about their Sunday night struggles and how they use LearnZillion to solve them.

Differentiating before digital curricula


Before having access to digital curricula, Stacie depended more on centers to differentiate, but never felt like they were a valuable use of student time.

Maggie used to spend hours building resources for her students. But she didn’t have the assurance that these resources were high-quality and the right match for her students’ needs.

Now Stacie and Maggie both rely on LearnZillion’s math and ELA curricula when they’re pulling together differentiated materials, giving them both more time to plan and prep.

What could you do with that extra planning time?

Stacie and Maggie can now spend more of their prep time planning for differentiation, and because each LearnZillion lesson is aligned to a specific standard, there’s no guesswork involved in finding resources that fit into their curricular plans.

Homing in on student needs


With LearnZillion’s Assign feature, Stacie is able to easily share differentiated lessons with her individual students, letting her better target those students’ specific needs.

Now that Stacie and Maggie have LearnZillion at their fingertips, their Sunday evenings look a bit different. They’re able to plan more efficiently and confidently for the next week of instruction, and are more confident that the needs of their students are being met.

Are you using LearnZillion to solve the Sunday Night Problem?

Discover how you can start using high-quality materials.

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