Curriculum-as-a-Service: What can it do for your district?

With LearnZillion’s Curriculum-as-a-Service solution, district partners can now access innovative new materials and tools that help better align curricula and assessments to their instructional goals.

Curriculum-as-a-Service is a new way of looking at curriculum. By changing our orientation from curriculum as a textbook to curriculum as a service — one powered by technology and human expertise — we can start to imagine a better tool for getting specific jobs in a district done.

In a study conducted by the RAND Corporation, 87 percent of elementary school teachers listed Pinterest as a top resource for finding instructional materials. As teachers hunt for resources online to fill the gaps their district-provided curriculum often leaves, it’s difficult for administrators and the teachers themselves to know if the digital materials they’re finding and using are rigorous and aligned to standards. But with Curriculum-as-a-Service, districts now have the opportunity to embrace the engaging, high-quality digital materials that teachers prefer to use and align those materials to their specific instructional goals.

But the power of Curriculum-as-a-Service doesn’t stop there. As districts look for ways to incorporate personalized learning into their classrooms, a framework built around strong, supported curricula is crucial to teacher and student success.

What effective personalized learning should be about, said Jim Sheldon, President of Education at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, in a keynote address, “is empowering teachers. It’s about finally giving teachers the tools to do what they’re asked to do each day—change lives.”

Curriculum-as-a-Service provides those toolsthe tools that districts need to create, organize, and customize high-quality materials that align to their instructional goals, and the tools that teachers need to turn those materials into engaging, impactful classroom instruction.

How can LearnZillion’s Curriculum-as-a-Service solution empower your district? Tell us a bit about what you’re trying to accomplish  <>, and we’ll be in touch soon with more information.

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