Back to school product update

We’ve been hard at work this summer, making the features and content you rely on even easier to use, and building new materials and tools to help you better get your job done. Some of these new materials and tools are available exclusively to LearnZillion partner districts as part of our Curriculum-as-a-Service offering. Contact us <> to learn more.

What’s new

Closed captioning on K-8 math curriculum and top-used videos

Closed captioning is now included in all of LearnZillion's math curriculum lessons and over 500 of our most popular math and ELA direct instruction videos in order to better support non-native English speakers and students who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Let’s Set The Context ELA videos

Let's Set The Context videos, available alongside the Guidebooks ELA curriculum, are a completely new type of instructional material. These short, student-facing videos and accompanying note sheets serve to, before a lesson is taught in class, introduce students to any background content, advanced vocabulary, or complex ideas they may be unfamiliar with. This both allows teachers to ensure that every student can engage fully with the lesson texts without using up additional prep or class time, and gives teachers further insight into where students may need extra support during lesson instruction.

Guided Collaborative Tasks [Available to partner districts]

New Guided Collaborative Tasks for K-8 math put engaging, high-quality, student-directed math tasks at your teachers’ fingertips. These easy-to-administer digital tasks guide pairs of students through 20-minute self-guided, collaborative math experiences, freeing teacher time to work with individual students or small groups, or to circulate to observe students working. Guided Collaborative Tasks address the missing modality of classroom collaboration, and support students in building conceptual understanding and engaging in productive struggle.

Editing and authoring assessments [Available to partner districts]

LearnZillion partners now have the ability to author and edit digital assessments directly on our platform. This allows districts to bring offline assessments online, create new assessments, or select assessments from an existing 50,000-item bank to suit specific district needs. These items mimic the types of assessments students will encounter on end-of-year tests, ensuring that students get familiarized with the assessment types in ways that don’t distract from what’s being taught in the classroom.

Integration with Canvas and D2L [Available to partner districts]

LearnZillion’s just-launched LTI integrations with Canvas and D2L allows districts to seamlessly share high-quality, natively digital LearnZillion instructional materials with their teachers, directly from their LMS platforms.

What we made even better

You can now see student responses immediately

You no longer need to click the Grade button to see how your students scored on assignments; results appear directly in the reports. Simply click on a student's score to see their full response.

LearnZillion materials aligned to your state’s standards [Available to partner districts]

For districts partnering with LearnZillion, our lessons are now aligned to the Texas, Indiana, Virginia, and Florida state standards. With this feature, you can filter, sort, and search the high-quality LearnZillion curricular content you already trust by your specific state standards.

We’re always working to improve. Have an idea for a new feature LearnZillion should build? Let us know here.

Product Update