4 ways Coaches can use LearnZillion videos

This post was written Lisa Bernstein who has spent the past fifteen years working in schools, both in the classroom and as a literacy coach in Washington D.C.

Teacher Collab

Build your teachers’ confidence and capacity by using instructional videos in these four ways:

1. Anchor a discussion on effective lesson content

Despite our best intentions, teachers sometimes perceive coaching as mere criticism. Anchoring a coaching session around video lessons makes it easy for coaches and teachers to sit on the same side of the table (both literally and figuratively) and evaluate a lesson together. Whether a teacher decides to emulate or avoid the choices shown in the video, teacher and coach can make a deliberate choice about instruction based on a model. TIP: Ensure that your lesson has well-researched content; learn about our rigorous research method in making LearnZillion lessons here.

Payoff – enriches the coach-teacher relationship around content through collaboration

2. Search for specified content

A vast library of video lessons gives teachers and coaches the ability to explore granular content areas segmented by subject, grade, topic, and even specific standards. On LearnZillion.com we enable this type of dynamic searching with our 3 ways to find resources.

Payoff – find the exact resource you need, quickly

3. Enable job-embedded PD 

Teachers can watch a 5-10 min video lesson as a form of micro-PD. Lessons provide both pedagogical and content to improve teacher practice and knowledge as well as increase student learning. Coaches can suggest this method so that teachers can efficiently digest their learning over time.

Payoff – effective use of time

4. Translate directly to practice

Video lessons can be directly adapted to classroom practice, or even used directly with students as whole class instruction, small group or individual support for a particular skill.  Video lessons can be the focus of an activity center or even assigned as homework.  (Link: post on 9 ways to use video lessons with students)

Payoff – translate your own learning into student results

Trying something new in any context can be tough!  For teachers, the opportunity to see a lesson taught in a different way oftentimes will increase his or her confidence to try something new in their practice.  So try our Common Core Aligned lessons in your coaching.

Any other ideas for how coaches can use instructional videos? Share them with us at feedback@learnzillion.com

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